A Better Night Sleep with REST Softgels... the data is here to prove it!

A Better Night Sleep with REST Softgels... the data is here to prove it!

This blog post was sent to us unsolicited by a Raw Botanics customer. Needless to say, we are thrilled with her results. Check it out!


Waking up feeling rested and refreshed is everything to me.  It can totally make or break your day!  I have been cursed with being a light sleeper all my life. I am envious of those who can lay their head on a pillow and fall into a deep abyss and sleep through anything. I admit, I am “sleep-challenged” and it has always been a battle for me. But, it seemed to be getting worse...I questioned if this was related to stress because of the pandemic or maybe even holy cow, I can’t believe I am going to say this but menopause! 

Those close to me know I require total darkness, an eye mask, white noise sounds AND a fan when I sleep. NO, I am NOT a vampire, but my friends hate getting stuck sharing a bedroom with me on a girls trip! Even with all of these sleep aids, I still toss and turn at the slightest sound or beam of light.  I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things I need to do (or forgot to do) and oftentimes, feel like I have anxiety when I wake up. It is definitely not ideal when I have early morning calls and need to present to a large group of colleagues! UGGH!

Like most of the population, I have been forced into a work from home situation. The work that I do requires sitting at the computer for hours at a time, extreme focus, sharp listening skills, and a lot of ZOOM calls. Some days it is harder than others to get in the zone because I feel like I am in a fog and am not energized when I wake up. I decided I could not live like this, and wanted to learn how I could “train myself” to sleep like those lucky SOB’s who can sleep through a hurricane! I like to research things (perhaps that has to do with working for a life science company) and I learned about a cool sleep analysis app that would help me understand my sleep or lack of it, so I downloaded it on my Apple Watch.  I started to wear my watch to bed each night, which was weird at first, but the data I gathered from it was rather interesting. I could see my sleep patterns, how often I had less restful sleep, my heart rate and if I had any disturbances while asleep.  This intrigued me.

Thus, I was inclined to do more research on ways to get better sleep. Trust me, I have tried everything!  First it was meditation and Pilates before going to sleep, then bamboo bedding, I even threw in a weighted blanket, turning off my phone an hour before bedtime and finally reading the latest book-club favorite or writing in a journal for 30 minutes before dozing off; but to my disappointment, NOTHING made me sleep more soundly. 

Typically, I go to bed around 10:30pm and wake up most days around 6:30am...that’s 8 hrs “sleeping”. Though, for me I would only get around 5.5 actual restful hours of sleep. NO BUENO! At this point, I was desperate to feel better when I got up! 

So, enter sleep supplements. First, I tried a well known gummy sleep supplement with Melatonin and and L-Theanine. It said on the bottle to take 2 before bed, so I did. Wrong answer—-I was so groggy the next morning and did not feel as refreshed as I was hoping I would, so the next night I only took 1. Fast forward 6 months and I feel like I have been sleeping better, without being too groggy in the morning and I do feel a bit more rested than before. I have continued to monitor my sleep on the app and did see an improvement. Voila, my problem was solved.

Not so fast! I started to notice I would “hit a wall” around 3pm and felt like I really needed a nap, which never happened to me previously. Bummed, but willing to accept this as my “new normal” I kept using this sleep supplement.

Hold on, the story isn’t over. A trusted, dear friend introduced me to Raw Botanics REST softgels.  They have no melatonin so I was not convinced this would work for me, but promised I would try it.  UMMMM, OMG!  After just one night, WOW, what a difference! Even the data on the sleep app agreed.  I had 6.5 hrs of restful, undisturbed sleep on the 1st night! I continued to take just ONE of these each night for a week and my quality of sleep has been so much better. I feel calmer and more rested when I wake up. I never feel groggy so my early morning meetings are no longer a challenge. And, I noticed that I don’t “hit a wall” at 3pm anymore.

To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I went back to the “other” supplement for a few days, to really see if my sleep was more improved using REST.  I noticed the numbers of restful sleep hours dropped back down below 6hrs of sound sleep using this “other supplement”. So, I tossed them out and now use REST every night.

I realized at that moment, the key to my new found sleep success is the result of two things, 1) trusting my friend who recommended I try it and 2) the key ingredients found in REST Softgels.  I had never heard of CBN (or Ashwagandha and Reishi for that matter) before using REST, but it clearly has made a positive impact on my level of deep sleep and made a significant improvement over a rather short time.

Check it out yourself, here is a comparison between two nights. In graphic #1 you can see I had deeper, more restful spans of sleep after taking the REST softgels whereas in graphic #2 after taking the “other” supplement my sleep was disturbed more often, thus I had less restful blocks of sleep.


Graphic 1 - REST Sleep Supplement


other product sleep data 

Graphic 2 - “Other” Sleep Supplement

I am now a believer in Raw Botanics! I won’t go to sleep without taking the REST softgels again!  

Don’t short change yourself, you need to get a great night’s sleep, to reset when you close your eyes and  to feel like a whole new you when you wake up!  

I hope you follow my lead and invest in a better nights sleep!

- Jacquie B.