Cannabichromene Oil (CBC): What Is It and What Is It Good For?

Cannabichromene Oil (CBC): What Is It and What Is It Good For?

Cannabis is experiencing a renaissance today. While many states have legalized it for medical and even recreational use, modern scientific investigations into its chemical structure have yielded a treasure trove of treatments for conditions ranging from pain and swelling to depression and anxiety. A lot of focus goes to CBD here, and rightly so, but many others are worth consideration. One that you might not be familiar with is cannabichromene oil, more commonly abbreviated as CBC oil.

What Is Cannabichromene Oil?

Cannabichromene oil is a derivative of both marijuana and hemp, but, like CBD, it does not produce a “high” in people who use it. According to a study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, “Cannabichromene is a major non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid that inhibits endocannabinoid inactivation and activates the transient receptor potential ankyrin-1 (TRPA1).”

What does that mean in laymen’s terms? Simply put, CBC does not affect a person’s thinking, but it does affect the brain and the nerves throughout the body. CBD has a similar effect, which allows it to address chronic conditions like anxiety and even pain. CBC, on the other hand, is primarily studied for its ability to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. However, it also influences depression, mood, and neuroprotection.

How Does Cannabichromene Oil Work?

Most cannabinoids like CBD or CBG interact with the body’s CB1 or CB2 receptors. The body’s endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating the body’s cellular glucose metabolism, central and peripheral food intake system, lipid synthesis within the liver, and fat production. 

However, CBC oil works differently. In addition to interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, it also interacts with receptors responsible for sending pain signals to the brain, as well as those responsible for inflammation. Called transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 and transient receptor potential ankyrin 1, these receptor sites are responsible for a variety of things, like telling your brain that a spicy pepper is hot.

What Health Benefits Does Cannabichromene Oil Offer?

CBC is being studied widely for many health benefits, which we’ll break down below.

Inflammation and Pain

First, CBC oil seems to interact with receptor sites that play central roles in pain and inflammation. Those sites are found throughout the body, including on nerve cells. In testing, CBC was as effective as an anti-inflammatory drug (phenylbutazone, usually abbreviated as PBZ) at reducing inflammation in laboratory rats and was effective at the same dosage rate.

However, PBZ has a relatively high toxicity rate, which CBC oil does not share. This means that it can be administered in higher doses with greater safety, potentially helping patients with even severe inflammation. Think about diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and others that involve severe inflammation and chronic, debilitating pain.

Inflammation is the primary cause of pain in the human body. According to the CDC, an estimated 50 million adults in the US (over 20% of the population) suffer from chronic pain. Almost 20 million adults struggle with high-impact chronic pain. CBC oil has the potential to alleviate inflammation and pain for a significant percentage of those people.

Mood and Mental State

The body’s endocannabinoid system is responsible for many things, including producing anandamide, a cannabinoid that helps us feel pleasure and motivation. Unbalanced levels of anandamide have been linked to low mood and depression. 

CBC binds with serotonin receptors in the body and activates those channels to elevate mood in a similar way to intoxicants like alcohol or THC, but without the dangers of intoxication. By doing so, it can lift your mood, much like an anti-depressant can, but without the potentially devastating side effects and consequences of taking prescription anti-depressants. 

Neuroprotection and CBC

As the brain ages, the number of neurons in it declines. With that decline comes a reduction in our ability to remember things, process emotions, and other signs of neurodegenerative decline. In serious situations, this deterioration can become Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related conditions. 

CBC shows significant potential to help stave off that mental decline. A study published in the journal Neurochemistry International found that CBC had a beneficial effect on the brain by raising the viability of NSPCs and inhibiting the differentiation of NSPCs into astroglia.

Skin Health

Interestingly, in addition to enhancing brain health and fighting inflammation, and reducing pain, CBC is also a tool to improve skin health. It has shown significant abilities to reduce arachidonic acid and lipogenesis, as well as inflammation in the skin. This allows it to fight facial blemishes and other skin conditions.

How to Use CBC

CBC is available in a variety of formats. CBC oil is easy to use and can be taken both internally and applied externally. However, a CBC tincture might be better suited for those who prefer to use it internally. Both oils and tinctures offer fast relief from pain and inflammation.

Interestingly, CBC works even better when augmented by CBD. Our RELAX CBD + CBC tincture includes both CBC and CBD, as well as lion’s mane and ashwagandha. Named a Men’s Health CBD Award recipient in 2022, this tincture uses coconut-sourced MCT oil to improve the delivery of nutrients. Simply place one-half to one full dropper under the tongue daily. Allow it to sit for 30 seconds before swallowing.

For those who prefer CBC oil to a CBC tincture, consider our RELAX CBD + CBC Softgels. They include the same blend as the tincture but in easy-to-swallow softgels. We recommend taking one softgel daily with food and water.

The Raw Botanics Difference

Cannabichromene oil shows immense promise in the fight against inflammation, pain, and even neurodegeneration. Whether used alone or taken in conjunction with CBD, it can reduce pain throughout the body and even lift your mood, all without the sense of intoxication that can come from THC. 

A powerful tool in the fight for better health and wellness, CBC oils and tinctures can even help to alleviate depression and improve skin health. However, it’s crucial to buy quality products sourced for their efficacy and purity. At The Raw Botanics Co., we’re dedicated to helping you feel and perform better. Learn more about our CBC oil and tincture products.