Quality & Consistency: Our Commitment

Quality & Consistency: Our Commitment

Hemp CBD 

We want to help people perform and feel their best by supporting strong, active body systems.  To do that, we are committed to ensuring that we use natural ingredients produced to the highest standards to deliver maximum benefits.

Raw Botanics:  From the ground up…

From cultivation to final product, our focus is on quality and ensuring we produce formulas that are the best they can be.

This begins with raw ingredients.

We use hemp grown responsibly in the United States.  Our Farmers refrain from the use of pesticides in favour of natural cultivation practices that enhance the health of their crop.  They test the earth throughout the growing process to ensure it is contaminant-free.

Once harvested, the hemp leaves and flowers are prepared for extraction of CBD and other cannabinoids using Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction.  Unlike Supercritical CO2 Extraction, this method ensures the full spectrum of the plants’ cannabinoids and essential oils are not damaged and are maintained in the botanical extraction.  A combination of short-path, wiped-film and fractional distillation follow to produce a low-THC distillate.

While this extraction method is more difficult than others, it produces a high quality and reliable CBD extract.  Unlike other methods, it doesn’t compromise the beneficial compounds of the plant.

The raw extract is tested for its purity, strength and composition.

Good ingredients, validated by science

We then combine the Cannabis Extract with other natural ingredients that are validated by science to produce formulas around specific health and wellness themes.  

We tell you what’s in them and why, citing relevant research and studies wherever we can.  We want give honest guidance without the non-sense. 

Ingredients are organic where possible and always come from bio-sustainable and environmentally responsible sources, from producers that are treated fairly.

Our products are manufactured to the highest GMP standards, with raw ingredients tested for quality and purity.

Further, we batch test every product run to substantiate the quality and ensure final product formulas meet the correct specifications.

What we tell you is in it, is in it.  Nothing else. 

All of our products contain less than 0.01% THC.  Third-party Lab test analysis certificates are available for each product on request.

We are committed to achieving high standards because we are aware of the positive impact good ingredients can have. 

As hemp-products become part of more and more people’s health and wellness regimes, there are loads of products popping up on the market.  Whichever CBD-products you decide to try, it’s worth checking the manufacturer’s quality standards to make sure you’re going to get what you’re looking for.





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