Clearing the Air About Cannabis Users

Clearing the Air About Cannabis Users

Long-held negative assumptions and sterotypes about cannabis users have contributed to a decades-long stigma that continues to this day, even as legalization expands over the world, spawning one of the fastest-growing industries in history.

The Air Is Clearing

Dutchie, a cannabis technology startup, has performed a research of 5,000 adult cannabis customers from the United States and Canada in order to gain a better knowledge of the modern cannabis user. Contrary to the outmoded "Dazed and Confused" portrayal, today's cannabis consumers are prosperous, motivated, and health-conscious individuals, according to the statistics.

According to the report, cannabis users are more educated than the typical American, with 54 percent having a college diploma or more. They are also more likely to work than the average American.

Cannabis users include high-achieving doctors, lawyers, mothers, teachers, creatives, Olympic athletes, and Olympic commentators.

Cannabis users are overwhelmingly female, especially as discussions about women's health grow to include the use of cannabis for things like menstruation pain alleviation, sleep aid, and stress release.

An Active Way of Life

According to the survey, the stereotype of cannabis users as sedentary slackers is just untrue.

58 percent of those polled said they were physically active and liked hiking and sports. Furthermore, 57 percent said they were concerned about their health. In general, these people believe cannabis is healthier than alcohol or tobacco, and many use it as part of their entire health regimen.

What is the preferred method of delivery for today's cannabis consumer?

Legally, as well as through a secure, transparent, and easy-to-use (or convenient) buying experience. For that experience, 55 percent of respondents go to dispensaries, while 24 percent prefer to shop online. Touchscreens and trusted budtenders have replaced the back-alley transaction.

Overall, the poll indicates that cannabis users are a diverse population of knowledgeable and diligent members of society.

As legalization spreads around the world, the data paints a more complete image of the modern consumer, one that should help normalize cannabis usage in the mainstream.