Raw Botanics Launches As The Nation's Premier Luxury Wellness Brand with 100% Natural Exotic Cannabinoids, Functional Mushrooms and Adaptogens

Raw Botanics Launches As The Nation's Premier Luxury Wellness Brand with 100% Natural Exotic Cannabinoids, Functional Mushrooms and Adaptogens

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Consumers Have Been Paying Too Much For Too Little For Too Long; Raw Botanics Founders Call On Industry To Clean Up Its Act

SAN DIEGO, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Raw Botanics Co., a luxury wellness company that combines hemp-derived exotic cannabinoids, adaptogenic plants, and functional mushrooms launched today with a call to the industry to clean up its act or get left behind. Successful San Diego entrepreneurs Les Kollegian and Brendan Smith spent their time during COVID-19 lock-downs focused on building a company known for what it does not put in its products – no synthetic, artificial, cheap, misleading or ineffective additives. Raw Botanics meticulously monitors every aspect of its manufacturing process and scientific formulas from seed to sale, to deliver an unmatched experience with all products made from 100% real ingredients. 

"Our formulations target specific outcomes, whether you're looking to help improve energy and mood, reduce stress and anxiety, get a good night's sleep or replenish your body," said co-founder Brendan Smith. "Raw Botanics products are made from custom formulations, isolating specific terpenes and extracting just the right level of cannabinoids and adaptogens to deliver just the right effect. It requires more time, cost and effort, but the end result is worth it. We've talked to hundreds of CBD providers and farmers to find out what they did right, and then we did it better."

Raw Botanics pairs cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG) with synergistic adaptogens such as ashwagandha, functional healing mushrooms and terpenes – including sedative terpenes for Rest and Relax, energy terpenes for Rise, and healing and immunity terpenes for Restore. The company has partnered with a nationally recognized San Diego clinical research lab and an award-winning organic hemp farm in Kentucky to ensure the best raw materials, the cleanest extractions and the most advanced benefit-based formulas on the market. Raw Botanics' commitment to scientific research and natural ingredients set it apart from competitors in the space, whose filler additives, such as caffeine and melatonin, cheaply boost CBD effects and cause unhealthy side effects. Raw Botanics uses no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no sugar, and is THC free. Moreover, the company's commitment to consumer advocacy has them taking a bold stance against the use of cheap synthetic additives like melatonin, which the vast majority of CBD companies use in their sleep-aid products.

"There are a lot of unsavory characters and ineffective CBD products on the market," said co-founder Les Kollegian. "That's not us. We don't hide our ingredients. We want you to know exactly what you're putting in your body and how it can help you. We give honest, educated guidance, without the nonsense."

The Raw Botanics product line is based on four pillars of health:

  • Rise: Increase your energy and clarity for an invigorating sense of well being
  • Relax: Unwind, improve your mood, and reduce anxiety
  • Rest: Experience a deep, solid sleep without the side effects caused by filler additives
  • Restore: Boost your immunity, strengthening your ability to recover and rebuild

"Consumers are being duped by brands selling CBD products that use cheap, less effective and sometimes dangerous ingredients to support the benefits they claim," explains Kollegian. "CBD for sleep is usually paired with melatonin and CBD for energy is paired with caffeine. 90% of the melatonin in CBD and other supplements is synthetic and produced in Chinese labs. There is nothing natural about these products and consumers are being misled. Without question, synthetic products are far from healthy and not nearly as effective as CBD/CBN with natural adaptogens.  Consumers are paying too much for too little.  We think it's highway robbery and don't mind playing the role of an industry disruptor. Furthermore, research shows melatonin should not be used as a daily supplement at all."

Raw Botanics donates one percent of annual revenue plus a two percent founders match to nonprofit partners that align with its mission and values, including mental health and cancer research, as well as environmental and social equity. Customers can help choose the nonprofits that benefit from the company's annual donation on its website:

About Raw Botanics
Founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Raw Botanics unlocks the amazing power of the hemp plant by combining extracts with traditional herbs and botanicals in a product line that uses 100% natural ingredients. With a focus on energy, anxiety, sleep, and healing properties, the product line comes in tincture (oil) form or softgels, plus massage and pain-relief lotions. The company embraces a luxury lifestyle philosophy, delivering high-end products with an emphasis on consumer education dedicated to reducing stress and improving vitality, energy, and health.  

About the Founders
Raw Botanics co-founder Les Kollegian is also the founder and CEO of Jacob Tyler, one of the nation's most acclaimed advertising and branding agencies. Co-founder Brendan Smith is the founder and CEO of Motive Interactive, a global mobile app marketing company that uses machine-learning algorithms to serve high-quality mobile advertising traffic. Together, they are laser-focused on delivering a customer-focused line of luxury products in a market that's better known for mass market and quick fix, than luxury and scientific research. Each product in the new line is painstakingly researched, tested and tailored to ensure the highest quality and 100% natural ingredients.

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