Raw Botanics to Showcase its Portfolio of Clean Hemp-Derived Supplements at Luxury Meets Cannabis 2021

Raw Botanics to Showcase its Portfolio of Clean Hemp-Derived Supplements at Luxury Meets Cannabis 2021

The innovative company is paving the way for new standards in the industry through its core brand pillars of consumer advocacy, transparency and education. 

SAN DIEGO – November 4, 2021- The Raw Botanics Co., a luxury wellness company that combines hemp-derived exotic cannabinoids, apoptogenic plants and functional mushrooms, announced today its participation in the Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference taking place this November. The premier B2B event connects retailers, media, investors and CPG executives with visionary Cannabis-related premium brands. 

The Raw Botanics Co. combines hemp-derived minor cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG) with synergistic adaptogens such as ashwagandha, functional healing mushrooms and custom terpenes to maximize their powerful natural benefits. The luxury wellness brand’s core product lines include: 

  • RiseIncrease your energy and clarity for an invigorating sense of well-being.
  • Relax: Unwind, improve your mood, and reduce anxiety.
  • Rest: Experience a deep, solid sleep without the side effects caused by filler additives.
  • Restore: Boost your immunity, strengthening your ability to recover and rebuild.

Raw Botanics’ products are available in Tinctures and Softgels. The company also has expanded its portfolio in its first year to include Topicals and Pillow Mist. 

Founded by San Diego entrepreneurs Les Kollegian and Brendan Smith in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company emerged as disruptors on the scene, pulling back the curtain on the industry’s use of cheap synthetic additives. 

“We founded Raw Botanics to educate consumers on the natural health benefits of CBD/CBN,” said Kollegian, founder and CEO. “That’s why we only offer clean products made with the highest quality ingredients and aren’t afraid of taking an active role in the conversation surrounding regulations and transparency within the industry.”

Raw Botanics is committed to consumer advocacy and transparency, which is why they only deliver products made from 100% real ingredients, with no synthetic, artificial, cheap, misleading, or ineffective additives. The company has partnered with a nationally recognized San Diego clinical research lab and an award-winning organic hemp farm in Kentucky to ensure the best raw materials, the cleanest extractions and the most advanced benefit-based formulas on the market.

“We’re passionate about the products we deliver and know firsthand the benefits they offer,” said Smith, CEO and founder. “We can’t wait to share these products with our industry colleagues and to continue the conversation regarding how cannabinoids and adaptogens can improve people’s quality of life.”  

All Raw Botanics products are ethically sourced, cruelty-free, contain no additives, sugar, or preservatives and are always gluten-free, keto, and paleo-friendly. Products are available for purchase on 

About Raw Botanics

The Raw Botanics Co. is a wellness company that offers high-end supplements dedicated to reducing stress and improving vitality, energy and health with a commitment to consumer education and transparency. With custom formulated products utilizing minor Cannabinoids CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC combined with adaptogens, mushrooms, and select terpene, all products are free of artificial additives and only use natural, organic ingredients. 


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