Surprising data with young adults and chronic pain...

Surprising data with young adults and chronic pain...

Young adults, ages 18-34, are more likely to report experiencing chronic pain compared to older adults (65% vs. 52% for ages 35+), with 73% of those young adults saying they are in pain every day. According to a new survey.

More than one in five young adults who experience chronic pain say they use cannabis and/or CBD for pain, and they are twice as likely to do so compared to those ages 45+.

Young adults with chronic pain – most commonly experienced in their back (32%), neck and knees (20% each) – are looking for help from health care providers to manage their pain, according to the survey conducted in September of more than 2,000 U.S. adults.

29% of young adults with chronic pain say they are talking to their doctors more often about their pain since the pandemic began, compared to just 15% of those aged 45 and older.

75% of young adults also say they don't know what kind of health care provider can best help them manage their pain.

78% of all adults with chronic pain use non-prescription drug treatments.

The most common approaches are...

  • 53% over-the-counter pain relievers
  • 43% exercise
  • 34% heat/ice
  • 26% healthy eating
  • 16% cannabis/CBD
  • 15% physical therapy
  • 15% massage therapy
  • 14% yoga

79% of Americans with chronic pain say they wish it was taken more seriously by health care providers.

68% wish they had more information about how to manage their chronic pain.

Since the pandemic began, 66% of all adults with chronic pain say they have changed their pain management.

Large majorities of Americans experiencing chronic pain are interested in using non-drug treatments.

Among those not currently using these treatments...

  • 80% are interested in trying healthy eating
  • 71% in exercise
  • 68% would be interested in trying massage therapy
  • 62% physical therapy
  • 61% mindfulness-based stress reduction or meditation

How CBD, CBG, CBC, & CBN Products Help with Chronic Pain

Using CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC tinctures or capsules may help provide pain relief by reducing inflammation. Further scientific research is needed into the effectiveness of CBD alone on inflammation in humans, but people suffering with chronic diseases like arthritis continue to report that CBD products have helped them manage their symptoms.

If you are dealing with chronic pain and want to try CBD for pain, talk with your doctor and make sure you buy quality CBD products.