Raw Botanics CBD: Quality & Consistency

Raw Botanics Quality and Consistency

Raw Botanics:  From the ground up

From cultivation to final product, our focus is on quality and ensuring we produce formulas that are the best they can be.

Unlike many supplement brands on the market today, we use absolutely no: sugar, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. 

Raw Botanics is the first company to combine functional mushrooms and cannabinoids to enhance health benefits.

We only buy our ingredients from trusted USA based partners who use the most advanced and cleanest cultivation and extraction process to produce only the highest quality cannabinoids. Our products have zero pesticides, heavy metals, microbial or mycotoxins and are non-GMO.  As well, the raw extract is tested for its purity, strength and composition.

Good ingredients, validated by science


Our products are formulated by a doctor and manufactured to the highest GMP standards, with ingredients tested for quality and purity. Further, we batch test every product run to substantiate the quality and ensure final product formulas meet the correct specifications. What we tell you is in it, is in it. 

All of our products contain less than 0.03% THC.  Third-party Lab test analysis certificates are available for each product on request.

We are committed to achieving high standards because we are aware of the positive impact good ingredients can have. As hemp-products become part of more and more people’s health and wellness regimes, there are loads of products popping up on the market.  Whichever CBD-products you decide to try, it’s worth checking the manufacturer’s quality standards to make sure you’re going to get what you’re looking for.