The Raw Botanics Co receives 4.75 out of 5 rating in Bloom & Oil review.

The Raw Botanics Co receives 4.75 out of 5 rating in Bloom & Oil review.

We are thrilled to receive such a great review on Bloom & Oil! You can read the full review below or visit Bloom & Oil to read and view the buyers guide. 

 Raw Botanics Restore Tincture

Raw Botanics Co. Review

Raw Botanics Co. creates products formulated with natural ingredients refined by science to help you feel and perform at your best. Started by two friends, Raw Botanics Co. aims to produce the highest quality and most effective products possible, while focusing on sustainability.

The Raw Botanics Difference

This feel-good brand delivers specially formulated CBD, CBN, CBN, CBC, and functional mushrooms to help you live a life with perfect balance.

Who is Raw Botanics Co?

Raw Botanics Co. is bringing a fresh presence and perspective to the world of CBD. The vision for Raw Botanics is built on custom terpenes, cannabinoids, and natural plant adaptogens that deliver targeted therapeutic properties in every drop.

One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting the Raw Botanics website is the slick layout. With a clean black and white palette, you’ll swear you’re shopping at an upscale store with the added luxury of doing it all from your couch. The information is clearly laid out, so you’re not left scratching your head over what ingredients are in your products. 

Raw Botanics splits its products into four categories – Rise, Relax, Rest, and Restore. Their product classifications focus on specific health themes, making it easy to find the perfect blend because you know how the products will benefit you upfront. They also offer bundles on some of their most popular products so you can stock up on premium ingredients without paying a premium price. If that’s not enough, you can subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals with an exclusive Raw Botanics coupon code.

Product Sourcing: Purposely Formulated 

It’s obvious that Raw Botanics’ focus is on quality, both in their ingredients and sources. Starting with their raw ingredients, they use hemp grown in the United States (family farms in Kentucky, to be exact) without the use of pesticides, while their slew of natural cultivation processes only further enhances their crop quality. All of their growers continually test the earth throughout the process, ensuring it is contaminant-free. The company also batch-tests every product run to guarantee what’s on the label matches what’s in the bottle. We love that their products always come from bio-sustainable, environmentally responsible sources backed by ethical buying practices. You can feel good about your ecological and social equity footprint when purchasing from Raw Botanics. 

To produce beneficial and potent blends, CBD must carefully be extracted and preserved from the hemp plant. Maintaining the quality and purity of the main ingredient is essential to creating a premium CBD product. Raw Botanics does not come up short on this front. With cutting-edge equipment and innovative testing practices, their own in-house chemists use CO2 to extract safe, clean, and oh-so pure hemp oil. Then they use a nano-emulsification process to combine the hemp oil with benefit-based terpenes and adaptogens for the highest efficacy possible. And all of this is done without adding any artificial flavors or sugars. 

What Are Customers Saying About Raw Botanics Co.?

Since this company has only been around for about a year, the Raw Botanics review count is low compared to competitors, but people are still talking. Customers are saying the products helped with sleep, pain reduction, anxiety, and energy. Judging from the 80+ reviews and 5-star rating, they’ve won the respect of their clientele and certainly our admiration.

We love how in-depth Raw Botanics goes into their sourcing and production. It’s clear that the company aims to provide quality ingredients.

The Story of Raw Botanics Co.

This San Diego-based company hasn’t been around long – just launching last year – but their respect for natural ingredients and interest in scientific granularity is making them a force to be reckoned with. Founded by two friends, Les Kollegian and Brendan Smith, these serial entrepreneurs are looking to disrupt an industry they feel is being exploited by a “gold-rush” of THC and CBD products. 

Not only are these empathetic warriors scientifically savvy, but they’ve also relied on these products themselves. They’ve experienced first-hand how hemp-based formulas can change lives and wanted to share this with the world. As a two-time cancer survivor (Les) and PTSD fighter of 20 years (Brendan), they made it their mission to ensure quality, effectiveness, and sustainability. What’s more, Raw Botanics doesn’t keep this information a secret. With the “Learn” section on their website, customers can find a boatload of data, allowing them to make informed decisions for their minds and body.

Raw Botanics Co. humbly donates 1% of their annual revenue plus a 2% founders match to non-profit partners aligned with their mission and values. Focusing on Mental Health, Cancer Research, Environmental Issues, and Social Equity, they allow their customers to select the charity that interests them most. A portion of every sale goes directly to one of the listed charitable organizations. If these two haven’t already won you over with their brains and products, their generous hearts sure will.

Raw Botanics Products


All of the Raw Botanics CBD tincture bottles are 1 oz (30 ml) with four different categories to choose from. They offer one full spectrum tincture in their “Rise” line with <0.3% THC (still the certified legal standard for CBD), while the remaining three broad-spectrum tinctures have zero traces of THC. This means you can reap all the benefits of hemp plants without worrying about a THC-induced high as a side-effect.

They offer potent blends that range from 500mg – 2500mg (blended with CBG, CBN, and CBC); this small bottle packs a punch. This ensures that you do not have to use more of the product than necessary or feel forced to replenish your supply early. 


Oils can be messy. Softgels (recommended by Olofly) are an excellent alternative for those looking for an easy way to get their daily dose of CBD. Again, you can choose from their four categories, all nano-amplified to increase bioavailability and provide quicker onset action. This means you can consume less product because you can efficiently absorb more of it, so you get more for less.

Whether you’re looking to get to sleep faster, have more energy and less coffee, reduce pain, or enhance your mental stamina, a soft gel is available for you.


One of the benefits of using topicals is that they don’t need to be metabolized by the body and can be applied directly to the affected area for immediate relief. Use the Raw Recovery Relief on sore muscles and joints in either a cream or roll-on. Looking to soothe dry, itchy skin? Try the Lemongrass and Ginger CBD Body Lotion with Vitamin A and D, glycerin, aloe vera, almond oil, and Vitamin E.

We couldn’t help but notice the reviews of customers going wild for the “Soothing Pillow and Mask Mist.” Users rave not just about the effect of the spray but the way it made their beds feel like a spa. Sign us up! There are approximately 350 sprays per bottle with 100mg active CBD and a suggested dose of 2-3 sprays, making this a fantastic deal. 

Raw Botanics: Lab Tested, Premium Quality Products Backed By Science

When it comes to lab reports and educational material, Raw Botanics delivers on all fronts. Their website offers Certificates of Analysis for every product sold with additional in-house testing to back the lab reports. In addition to cannabinoids, the COA shows details on the levels of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and THC found in an individual batch of products. We love that they take the time to tell you what’s in their products and why, while citing relevant research along the way. Raw Botanics gives you honest guidance without the non-sense, so you can feel confident in the products you’re purchasing. 

Don’t be fooled by how easy their extraction process sounds in our previous description. CO2 extraction is one of the most critical and precise forms of extraction and is typically more costly. We love that Raw Botanics isn’t skipping any steps to ensure their products reach your hands with the highest quality and potency.